My Feelings On Klout

After the overwhelming amount of buzz about Klout, I finally signed up for Klout the other day, and I have some issues with it.

First off, it said I was influential about cars. I think I have like 6(?) tweets about cars in the past two months (one in the past couple weeks). One is about my car breaking down, one is a picture of my new car, the next one is about how driving a manual is a little harder then an automatic and then the rest are talking about my new car to a friend. Unless because I drive a manual makes me a influencer, I have no ideas about cars. I know how they basically work, and can do general maintenance, but otherwise, no idea.

Second, the algorithm seems faulty. I have two friends, and they have a 50 score. Now these two friends are blatant self-promoters, who will not reply to anyone (except celebrities in a hope of a retweet), follow double or triple what they have followers. While some startups I follow that do support over Twitter (and awesome support at that), retweet cool things that have been built with their product or blog posts that deal with the area their product deals with, have a 40 score.

In the end, I think Klout just is just another social game where the end objective is to gain points, prizes, and bragging rights. You’ll end up becoming so focused on gaining points and “influence”, while in actuality, you’ll be losing influence because it’s not about being social anymore, it’s a game.

Those are my thoughts on Klout. What are your thoughts on Klout?

Update 1/20/12: Klout has made some changes since I wrote this blog post. They have focused on user and feedback and changed acording to that. It’s much better now then it was before.