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Introducing OmniBot

OmniBot is an IRC chat bot written in Node and CoffeeScript.

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Popcorn Source Code Plugin

Last week I heard about popcorn.js, a Mozilla project to bring interactivity to videos on the web. It’s a really interesting idea and one I can see actually being used. Being able to pull in Tweets, show a Google Map or a Wikipedia article without having to leave the video, is something that can add a lot to a video. There are multiple plugins available and you have the ability to write your own (though documentation is a little sparse).

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Ajax File Uploads With MooTools

I’ve been working on redoing my personal site; making it responsive and easier for me to update (because even though I can edit the source, having a CMS is way easier). I thought it was going to be a pretty easy project (besides the design) because I knew what browser I was going to be using and don’t have to include all these hacks for older browsers. But instead of just putting something really ugly together for the CMS admin, I’ve put a lot of time into making it look good. It’s also become a place to test out some technologies. So far I created a modal plugin for MooTools (my preferred JS library) which was originally suppose to work on both mobile and desktop devices (but there were so many variables in the end it didn’t work out). Tonight I just finished up a plugin for Ajax file uploads.

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